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Employment Opportunity (Quran & Islamic Studies Coordinator)
» 11/30/2017

November 14th, 2017
The BC Muslim Association (BCMA) is seeking a qualified Quran and Islamic Studies (Maktab) coordinator at Masjidur Rahmah situated at 13585 62nd Avenue Surrey BC. This is a full-time positions of 40 hours per week based on flex schedule as per the local requirements.
The BCMA was established in 1966 with its head office in Richmond BC. It is one of the largest Muslim organizations in Canada serving the Muslim community of BC through its branches and chapters. Among other services it also operates two elementary schools and employees over 50 people. For further details please visit us at thebcma.com  
Duties include but not limited to:
·        Be the lead Quran and Islamic Studies (Maktab) coordinator and teacher
·        Lead daily prayers and Jumu’ah salah when required;
·        Coordinate and lead the Tarawih prayer in Ramadhan
·        Lead Eid prayers and deliver Khutbah
·        Organize and deliver Islamic programs and lectures to congregation and others as per request;
·        Solemnizing marriage and burial ceremonies;
·        Conduct religious classes  (Arabic and Quranic teachings);
·        Provide Counselling services;
·        Conduct Dawah and tabligh programs
·        Establish open dialogue and communication with members to provide religious guidance.
·        Experience as a Quran and Islamic Studies (Maktab) coordinator or Principal
·        Several years of experience as an imam or assistant imam
·        Shall be a Sunni Muslim and well versed in Shariah and Islamic Jurisprudence
·        Hafidh of the Quran with Tajweed
·        Ability to interact with and guide youth and all other members;
·        Shall be Computer literate;
·        Fluent in English, Arabic (oral and written) and preferably Urdu.
Salary & Benefit: Based on qualification and experience.
To apply you must be eligible to in Canada please email your resume, credentials with covering letter to V.P. Religious Services at surreyeastboard@thebcma.com  
Deadline to submit your resume with covering letter and credentials is Thursday November 30th, 2017
Abrar Essop
VP. Religious Services

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