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President Message - Ramadan Mubarak
» 5/24/2018

 Dear Brothers and Sisters, Assalaam wa’alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu and Ramadhan Mubarak to all.
By the grace and blessings of Allah (swt), once again the month of Ramadhan has showered its blessings and tranquility upon us. This is the month where the rewards are multiplied immensely for every good deed that we do. This is the month of Mercy, a month of forgiving others and asking for forgiveness from Allah (swt), and seeking refuge from the punishments of the hereafter.
This blessed month also gives us an opportunity to remember our pioneers of the BCMA who have worked so hard to establish this great organization. Some of our prominent members who were with us last Ramadhan and are no longer with us this Ramadhan. This is the month where we should make lots of dua, not only for ourselves, but for our pioneers, our friends, relatives, and all who have passed away from this world. May Allah (swt) forgive them and purify them of any shortcomings, and give them the best place in Jannah.
Surely, we cannot forget the atrocities that are happening namely in Palestine, Syria, Burma, and many other places around the world. May Allah (swt) remove all the hardships from our brothers and sisters and bring peace and harmony throughout the world. For the change to take place, a lot has to do with our own actions and duas. Let’s forgive each other, and not look at each others faults as this will result in loss of our good deeds. Let us fully utilize this month to make lots of dua for everyone, increase our ibadaat, read and reflect on the Quran daily for in this blessed month the holy Quran was revealed to our beloved prophet, Mohammed (sw).
This is also the month of charity and we should timely dispense our zakat and more importantly Fitrana before this month ends so that it can reach to the poor and the needy. We have lots of needy families in and around every locality throughout BC so let’s give it to our local masajids to distribute to our needy families within our community.
In this blessed month, I would like to acknowledge our volunteers, brothers and sisters and committee members in various divisions of the B.C. Muslim Association who put in long hours to serve our community. I would like to also like to thank our Trustees, head office staff, and the wonderful Executive team for their unity and strong support that they have been giving me.
Lastly, I will take this opportunity to thank my entire team of respected ulema of every masajid, who work so hard, and at odd hours to serve our growing community every day. May Allah reward you all immensely from his vast treasures.
We hope that Allah (swt) gives all of us the taufiq to fully benefit from these beautiful days of Ramadhan by utilizing our time properly, and enable us to enjoy the blessed nights of tarawih.
Once again, RAMADAN MUBARAK to you all!
President - The BC Muslim Association

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39. As-Zumar (The Troops, Throngs) - Makkah

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Muslim Book.35, Chapter 23, Hadith # 6592

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[Muslim Book.35, Chapter 23, Hadith # 6592].

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