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Sisters Indoor Soccer - April 22nd 9AM - 6PM
» 4/22/2017

Tournament Details
  • v    Private event - exclusively for sisters only
  • v    Minimum age limit:
  • § Junior level: 8 – 14 years
  • § Senior level : 15 year +
  • v    8 to 10 players per teams (including a captain & goalie)
  • v    There is an entry fee of $100 per team
  • v    Each team will require a team name
  • v    All players should wear matching t-shirts with numbers on the back
  • v    Indoor running shoes only
  • v    No soccer cleats or black sole footwear
About the Game (Senior & Junior level):
  • v    Single Round Robin Style tournament
  • v    Each team will play 3 games each
  • v    30 minutes/game (45 minutes real time)
  • v    A female referees will manage all games
  • v    Top teams will be awarded (1st, 2nd & 3rd Price)
  • v    Top performers will also be recognized
  • v    Times and schedule will be emailed prior to tournament
  • v    Contact Sr. Rozemeen for registration at bcma_sisters@yahoo.ca or
  • 604-781-5926
  • v    Registration dead line: April 1, 2017
  • v    One registration form must be completed per team
  • v    Each player must also complete a waiver form
  • v    All Team captains or delegates are required to attend a pre-game meeting
  • v    Registration and Waiver forms must be submitted with entry fee at the pre-game meeting
Venue (Queen Elizabeth Secondary 9457 136 St., Surrey BC):
  • v    Tournament will be held inside the school gym for senior level and junior level
  • v    There will be full provisions for salaat
  • v    Food and beverages will be available for purchase
  • v    Family and friends are welcome to watch the tournament  
  • v    Spectators:  Sisters only – no boys over 10 please
  • v    Free parking is available at the school
  • v    Close to public transit and King George Skytrain station is a few blocks away
**We encourage little girls in your family to come out in their runners for some fun play with volunteer coaches between games!
Volun1teers needed!  Please contact Sr. Rozemeen (604-781-5926)


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Prayer Time

Salat Time
Fajar 2:45 AM
Sunrise 5:09 AM
Zuhar 1:25 PM
Asar 6:46 PM
Maghrib 9:28 PM
Isha 11:09 PM

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Al-Baqra Verse 26

Surely Allah is not ashamed to set forth any parable-- (that of) a gnat or any thing above that; then as for those who believe, they know that it is the truth from their Lord, and as for those who disbelieve, they say: What is it that Allah means by this parable: He causes many to err by it and many He leads aright by it! but He does not cause to err by it (any) except the transgressors,




Muslim Book.35, Chapter 23, Hadith # 6592

Hazrat Anas bin Malik (May Allah be pleased with him) reported: Messenger of Allah  [SAWW](PBUH) said, "Allah is pleased with His slave who eats a meal and praises Him for it; and takes a drink and praises Him for it".

[Muslim Book.35, Chapter 23, Hadith # 6592].

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