The BC Muslim Organization

The B.C. Muslim Association (BCMA) is a non-profit organization incorporated under the Societies Act on November 17, 1966 corresponding to 4 Sha-ban 1386.
BCMA- BC's Largest Muslim organization The BCMA is currently the largest Muslim organization in the province representing 75,000 to 80,000 Sunni Muslims. The Muslims in British Columbia are experiencing exponential growth, from a population of 10,000 in 1980 to 75,000+ today. In 1980, there was only one location for Friday prayers in all of Vancouver and its surrounding suburbs. Today there are over fifteen locations for Friday prayers in the Greater Vancouver area alone, not including centers in the outlying areas such as Kelowna, Nanaimo, Abbotsford, Prince George and Victoria.
corporate headquaters British Columbia like many other communities in North America brings together Muslims from all over the world. Our Muslims are the first and second generation immigrants from Africa, Arab countries, Asia, Bosnia, Fiji, India, Pakistan, Turkey. Globally this is a unique situation as no other location in the world brings together such a diverse group of Muslims.
mosque The BCMA has been active in establishing a Muslim institutional presence in British Columbia. The Association has long recognized that the Mosque/Islamic Centre and Muslim Schools are the symbol of the aims and purposes of Muslims collective life.
Quran The BCMA with its seven regional branches and six chapters has undertaken the responsibility of developing and maintaining religious, cultural and educational facilities for our present community and future generations.
mosque Today, BCMA owns and operates eight Mosques in British Columbia and more are planned. The Association has long recognized that the Mosque/Islamic Centre and Muslim Schools are the symbol of the aims and purposes of Muslims collective life.
Graduation The BCMA operates the B.C. Muslim School (BCMS) Richmond and Surrey Muslim School encompassing an elementary and secondary school. The purpose of the Muslim Schools is to provide a superior standard of education, to foster academic achievement, and to cultivate an Islamic spirit in each student.
Perseverance, Excellence, Commitment and Knowledge The BCMS motto is Perseverance, Excellence, Commitment and Knowledge. On a daily basis, The BCMS strives to instill in its students these virtues. The school expects of its pupils high standards of academic achievement, commitment and integrity combined with respect, self-discipline and code-of-conduct based on Islamic teachings.
Perseverance, Excellence, Commitment and Knowledge The BCMS meets and surpasses all curriculum requirements set by the Ministry of Education and as such is accredited and receives full funding pursuant to the Independent Schools Act from the provincial government. The Ministry of Education has also approved Arabic to be taught as a second language at the B.C. Muslim Schools.





Iltaf Sahib


Phone:(604) 270-2522
Email: president@thebcma.com

Abdullah Nasib Ali

General Secretary

Phone:(604) 270-2522
Email: secretary@thebcma.com

Afzal Khan

General Treasurer

Phone:(604) 270-2522
Email: treasurer@thebcma.com

Abrar Esop

Vice President Religious Services

Phone:(604) 270-2522
Email: religious@thebcma.com

Mohammed Shamsher

Vice President Education Services

Phone:(604) 270-2522
Email: education@thebcma.com

Junaid Iqbal

Vice President Planning and Development

Phone:(604) 270-2522
Email: planning@thebcma.com

Sikandar Khan

Vice President Public Relations & Communication

Email: media@thebcma.com

Shariff Nur Mohammed

Vice President of Funeral & Burial Services

Phone:(604) 614-3622
Email: burial@thebcma.com

Afzal Khan

General Treasurer

Email: treasurer@thebcma.com

Shawkat Hasan

Vice President Social Services

Phone:(604) 270-2522
Email: social@thebcma.com

Mohammed Imtiaz Asin

Vice President Youth & Development Services

Phone:(604) 270-2522
Email: youth@thebcma.com

Irshad Siddeeq

Vice President Sports & Recreation

Phone:(604) 270-2522
Email: sports@thebcma.com

Ifran Haroon

Assistant Treasurer

Phone:(604) 270-2522
Email: asst_generaltreasurer@thebcma.com

Rafiq Patel

Assistant General Secretary

Phone:(604) 270-2522
Email: asst_secretary@thebcma.com

Saiyad Ali


Email: administrator@thebcma.com

Vacancy .

Director Of Membership

Email: member@thebcma.com

Mohamed M Abdelazim


Email: marriageinfo@thebcma.com

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